About me

In the Valley or in Canada, I am a well-known designer in the startup world (UI,UX,mobile and brand) I am a preferred designer for many eminent entrepreneurs, startups, Ycombinator and VCs such as SVAngel, RealVenture, etc... 

I have created brands and UI/UX for startups and larger companies such as Webex, Klout, Farmville, Betterworks, Ecomom and many more. I am also a stakeholder in various startups. Despite a strong startup focus, I worked with many large enterprises over the years such as Amex, Amazon, Airbnb, Nine west, Holt Renfre, Ssense, Yahoo!, Rakuten, Louis vuitton, LVMH, Cisco, Sungard, Seiko, EA etc... with several awards/accolades.

  • Co-organizer of the International Startup Fest
  • Mentor at Founderfuel
  • Early YCombinator preferred designer
  • Co-founded Ideas and Associates in 1998. A Montreal based web development company.

I have been pushing my expertise lately on conversational UI and chatbots which I truly
believe will revolutionize the way we consume content and interact with the digital world surrounding us.